Precision Tech,
Zero Compromise on Risk

Q.Scan can detect the risk in the bud avoiding the imminent disaster.

for the 24-hour autonomous monitoring of forest fires, industrial sites at high fire risk and storage centers for flammable materials.

Why use

It carries out all diagnostic analyses and fire risk validation, making the unit autonomous

It generates automated alarms

to alert security units

It offers a real-time video streaming channel

for monitoring the site remotely and conducting risk assessments

The turret is remotely controlled

to direct the system towards a precise target

Data is integrated into Q.Web

to have a comprehensive overview of the emergencies on the territory

How dows Q.Scan work?

The Q.Scan system, thanks to the integrated gimbal, carries out a continuous 360-degree scan of the territory

Upon detecting a potential emergency condition, an immediate alarm is transmitted to both the Civil Protection and disaster manager. This allows for prompt countermeasures to be taken and the site to be secured

All the data gathered by Q.Scan is transmitted to Q.System, where it undergoes processing and integration with other devices. This integration enables the monitoring of all relevant sites in the area through a unified platform, providing comprehensive emergency management systems


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