Where Intelligence
meets Innovation

At Hightek, we develop automated technologies with the aim of protecting the environment and increasing people’s safety, and systems dedicated to the acquisition, geolocation, transmission, integration, and advanced processing of complex data, turning raw data into valuable information.


We specialise in hardware design and software development of aerospace sensors, camera-based mission support avionics, and IoT systems development for logistics, environmental monitoring, and infrastructure diagnostics. We design and develop customised systems, integrating state-of-the-art sensors and high-performance software, with meticulous attention to certification processes and the specific needs of each customer. Our commitment to quality and innovation, combined with close collaboration with renowned Italian and foreign universities, consolidates us as a reliable partner to face complex challenges.


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Design of avionic payloads, EO/IR multispectral sensors and IoT devices

Development of aerial inspection and remote sensing systems

Development of real-time data mapping and geolocation systems

Real-time image processing software development for environmental, infrastructure and industrial automation inspections

AI software development for diagnostic imaging

Advanced data analysis for predictive maintenance and proactive forecasting

Avionics and Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC) software development

Web application development for Mission Critical scenarios and real-time data geolocation

3D CAD design and manufacturing of mechanical components (3D printing, CNC)

Electronic devices and PCB design

Development and integration of satellite and terrestrial telecommunications systems

Industrial Automation and Robotics for applications in critical scenarios


Hightek fully manages the development and production process of its technologies, strictly adhering to aeronautical design standards. This commitment guarantees the quality, reliability, and full compliance with airworthiness requirements of our products. Thanks to an accurate design and complex testing campaigns in the laboratory and in the field, Hightek products are designed for use in extreme and hostile environmental conditions.

Civil Protection and Forest Fire Prevention


Aerospace and Defense

Oil & Gas

Power Grid


Sustainability at the Heart of Technology

At Hightek, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and the ecosystems around us. Our corporate philosophy places sustainability at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to developing innovative technologies that, in addition to carrying on our mission, also preserve our planet.

Our main goal is to preserve the most vulnerable ecosystems. That is why we work with partners and stakeholders to implement practices that reduce pollution and preserve forests.

Technology for the Social

At Hightek, we are more than a technology company. We are a driver of social change, committed to using our innovation to contribute to the common good. We are aware of the crucial role we have to play in creating a positive social impact. We therefore integrate corporate social responsibility into every aspect of our business, promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Valuing People and Gender Equality

At Hightek, we believe that a company’s success is closely linked to the enhancement of its people. We are committed to creating an inclusive, respectful, and diverse environment, where everyone contributes to the collective success. Our corporate culture promotes personal and professional growth by providing opportunities for continuous training and skills development.

We are proud supporters of gender equality and constantly work to create an environment where men and women have equal opportunities to excel. We promote diversity at all levels of the company, recognising that different perspectives lead to more innovative and comprehensive solutions. Through merit-based hiring policies, we are committed to closing any gender gap and building a team where every individual can realise their full potential.